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Friday, January 6, 2012

Playwright Portrait, Qui Nguyen, Excerpt from Soul Samurai

The Playwright Qui Nguyen, 2006
Soul Samurai

Me, I wasn’t always a killer. No one is born this way. That’s not to say
I didn’t have an aptitude for it. I’ve always had a bit of a violent
streak. I just wasn’t always as smooth.
After Sally’s death, I was a cliche’ of self-inflicting pain. I was
hurting and I wanted to hurt. I wanted revenge. But I had no power in
doing that. And that’s when I met him . . .

My name is Cert
And I’m here to kick it
Don’t step to me, boy,
Cause my shit is wicked
Ninja fly shit is how I be dealin’ it
I’m a samurai, son, so you best be feelin’ it
Konichiwa, bozu,
Fuck you up old school
Knock out ya teeth like a Eastside Sifu
Remember these words
Remember my face
I’m the C. E. R. T.
This hood’s my place.

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