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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Clipper Ship Peking, South Street Seaport, 1987 and 2018

Clipper Ship Peking, South Street Seaport
Clipper Ship Peking, South Street Seaport

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Playwright Aleshea Harris, Soho Rep Theater, 2018

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Playwright Aleshea Harris, Soho Rep Theater, 2018
New York City debut

by Aleshia Harris
directed by Taibi Magar

Teagle F. Bougere, 
Anthony Cason, 
Nehassaiu deGannes, 
Jessica Frances Dukes, 
Caleb Eberhardt, 
Alfie Fuller, 
Dame-Jasmine Hughes.

Adam Rigg (sets),
Montana Levi Blanco (costumes), 
Matthew Richards (lights), 
Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste (sound),
J. David Brimmer (fights),
 Cookie Jordan (hair and wigs), 
Samantha Shoffner (props).

thru March 25

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Playwright Portrait, The Mad Ones, Playwright Horizons, 2018

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The Mad Ones, Playwright Horizons, 2018
pictured clockwise
Michael Dalto, Lila Neugebauer, Stephanie Wright Thompson, Joe Curnutte

Miles For Mary

Marc Bovino — Ken Wyckoff
Joe Curnutte — Rod Dietrich
Michael Dalto — David Eagan
Amy Staats — Brenda Zadakian
Stephanie Wright Thompson — Sandra Bulkman
Stacey Yen — Julie Wyckoff-Barnes
Director: Lila Neugebauer
Scenic Design: Amy Rubin
Costume Design: Ásta Bennie Hostetter
Lighting Design: Mike Inwood
Sound Design: Stowe Nelson
Production Stage Manager: John C. Moore

The Heavens Above New York, 2018

The Heavens Above New York, 2018


The Heavens Above New York, part 2, 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

Playwright Kirk Wood Bromley 2008

The Playwright Kirk Wood Bromley, 2008
©pswbell 2010

The Welcome Mask

one of three plays in the trilogy, Three Dollar Bill – Plays on Being Queer and Conservative

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018

"The City," 2018

"The City," 2018
From  the old  Kosciuszko Bridge,  over Newtown Creek.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Playwright Milo Cramer, The Bushwick Starr, 2018

The Playwright Milo Cramer at The Bushwick Starr, 2018

The Cute Activist

 written by Milo Cramer
directed by Morgan Green

produced by The Bushwick Starr with New Saloon, in association with Clubbed Thumb

Featuring David Greenspan*, Deepali Gupta, Annie Henk*, Elizabeth Kenny*, Ronald Peet*, and Madeline Wise*
With Original Music Composition and Vocal Arrangement by Deepali Gupta
Set Design by Meredith Ries
Costume Design by Sabrina Bianca Guillaume
Lighting Design by Cha See
Sound Design, Instrumental Arrangement and Orchestrations by John Gasper
Video Design by Stivo Arnoczy
Puppet Design by Amanda Villalobos
Prop Design by Cheyanne Williams
Producer: Caroline Gart
Stage Manager: Samantha McCann
Production Manager & Lighting Programmer: Russell Maclin

Technical Director: Drew Francis
Master Electrician: Megan Lang
Assistant Producer: Ryan Gedrich
Assistant Stage Manager: Priscilla Villanueva 
Assistant Director: Emily Moler
Puppeteers: Sebastian Pray and Milo Cramer
Assistant Puppet Builder: Ashley Chen
Produced with the support of Immediate Medium
*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase. 

DEER (singing):  

Behold: Jen and Gil.

These two beautiful, upper-middle-class 20-year-olds are more important than we are.
They’re more important than any of us.
And somehow – I’m not totally sure how, but somehow – 

All our fates, the destiny of this whole crazy town, 

rests in their young hands.

If they kiss each other by the summer solstice, 

if they put aside their differences
if work up the courage to share
True Love’s Kiss
then maybe, just maybe, just maybe, just maybe

the local economy will recover.