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Monday, May 11, 2015

Portrait of Playwright Lloyd Suh, 2007, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

The Playwright Lloyd Suh, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, 2007

KATHY. Let’s get outta here. Hit the road. Forget the play, forget the movement, forget Asia and forget America, let’s just pack up our shit and get a van and drive down south to Mexico and buy guitars and grow beards and wear hats and start a mariachi band and live in the world. If we need money we’ll play Mexicali blues on street corners enough for beer and nachos and we’ll get a dog and a hacienda and learn Spanish and invent a hybrid fusion linguistic mash of Mandarin Cantonese Mexican Spanish English rebel poetry and when we get drunk we’ll howl at the moon and when we sing we’ll make up the words as we go and sing full throat from our gut ’cause that’s how completely we’ll be living. Don’t that sound not half bad, babe? Don’t that sound like a pretty decent life for a coupla Chinese Westerners lost in the wilderness?

(from Charles Francis Chan Jr.'s Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery, 2015)