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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Playwright Clarence Coo on Stage at 59 e 59 theater produced by Primary Stages, 2022

 Playwright Clarence Coo on Stage at 59 e 59 theater produced by Primary Stages, 2022

On That Day in Amsterdam

I mean, did they know? What they would leave us? These things we got to spend the whole day looking at? The colors as vibrant as they ever were before. Like they left a gift for us. People in the future. People they would never see. For a moment -– for one day -– you can forget all the ugly things in your life. Can you imagine being able to do that for other people? That would be nice, right? To leave something behind. And prove that you were here.  

Primary StagesProducer
Ted SnowdonProduced in Association
Clarence CooPlaywright
Zi AlikhanDirector
Jesse KovarskyMovement Director
Jason SherwoodSet Designer
Lux HaacCostume Designer
Cha SeeLighting Designer
Fan ZhangSound Designer
Nicholas HussongProjections
Jakob W. PlummerStage Manager
Shiku ThuoAssistant Stage Manager
Stephanie YankwittCasting
Stephanie YankwittCasting

Waseem AlzerSammy
Brandon Mendez HomerRembrandt
Glenn MorizioKevin
Liz RamosAnne

Jonathan RavivVincent


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Playwright Zakiyyah Alexander 2007

 Playwright Zakiyyah Alexander, 2007

excerpt from 10 Things to Do Before I Die

VIDA: Hello, it’s me and I am leaving you a message. You know what I hate? What I hate about you? I hate the fact that you drip sweat all over me, it’s disgusting, not sexy. I hate that you say the word fucking while you’re fucking me. I hate it when you go down on me. I lie there and wait while you think you’re actually doing something, then I pretend to come cause I’m worried that I might hurt your feelings. I hate that you don’t call me enough, that you don’t think about me enough, that you don’t love me. And, I hate the way I feel when you walk out the door. I hate you for making me hate me.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Playwright Karen Hartman, VOLT Festival, 2022, 59 e 59 theater

Playwright Karen Hartman,
Primary Stages

New Golden Age
Directed by Jade King Carroll
Lee Savage, Set Design


What’s next? We decide.

If we lose contact, make contact.

Trust each other.

Oldies broke the earth but there is open space. 

There’s no surveillance in the Outer Plains.

Be your own leaders.

Use the tools at hand. 


Thursday, August 11, 2022

Playwright Mara Velez Melendez, Soho Rep, 2022

Playwright Mara Velez Melendez,   Soho Rep

 “Notes on Killing Seven Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Board Members,”

"You don’t have to be courageous to be sublime"

My Passenges Enroute to JFK Taxi, 2014


Friday, August 5, 2022

Private Proofing page JJCJR

July 31st, 2023


proof 4

proof three

Proof two

Proof one

CaswelJrJohnJ2023-7-7-(4)  no retouching
CaswelJrJohnJ2023-7-7.  variation of first different picture

"caswellhodingbodycopy " first and second picture combined with different hand
Three pictures combined into one,

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Emily Zemba, New Ohio Theater, 2022

 Playwright Emily Zemba, 
New Ohio Theater, 2022


Written by Emily Zemba
Conceived by SOCIETY
Directed by Violeta Picayo


[...] And then I thought: wouldn’t it be funny if everyone else here was ALSO an actor? If every single one of you was also an actor, working with some theater company, gathering in-person research, for some project. Wouldn’t that be funny?

And but then I thought: well, I mean, that doesn’t really make sense, does it? Statistically, I mean. Because honestly, how many theater companies are there, really? How many small theater companies could there possibly be, in the world, at one time, at the same time, working on the same thing? Asking the same questions. Also, wasn’t it Maeterlinck the Belgian dramatist who said “the majority of the great poems of humanity are not stageable?”


I am really sorry.


Moondance was always my favorite Van Morrison song, Matt.



Did I know that? Hmm. That’s an interesting question. Did I know that?



Are you asking me??



I suppose the cleanest answer is: no, I didn’t know that.

But, the more truthful is: I don’t know what I know, often.

—. It’s like when you step on a crack in the sidewalk. Did you know the crack was there? Probably not literally, not exactly. But maybe you were aware that it could be there. Maybe you looked down and saw it just before your foot hit the pavement. Maybe you chose to step on it anyway. Maybe you were curious what it would feel like. Maybe the unevenness of the concrete set you a little off balance... but you found your footing again just in time.

You see, I feel things, like cracks in sidewalk, without meaning to.

Maybe the question isn’t ‘what do I know’. But what do you know, JoAnn?

Emily Zemba