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Friday, May 27, 2011

Playwright Portrait, Sheila Callaghan, Excerpt from Lascivious Something

The Playwright Sheila Callaghan, 2007
copyright Peter Bellamy 2011

Lascivious Something

You and he were living out of your small car at the San Francisco Bay. You had no more food. You had not washed yourselves in two weeks besides your feet in the water. You had sex four times a day and were on pot much of the time. You were lying with your stringy head in his lap with your eyes closed. You were talking about molecules moving in your fingers and your feet. You were talking about how your skin was not solid, how the vinyl seat was not solid. You said everything was vibrating in nature at all times, and you said it scared you so much, and you said the only time you felt still was when his voice was in your ears, low and serious. And then you felt a wet drop on your closed lids, and you opened them and he was crying into your eyes. And he said your are so beautiful Liza, you are so beautiful you could crack the sky open. And you said August you are like the universe, you are so big you fill me you fill my eyes and you fill me. He brought his head down to yours and unrolled his tongue into your mouth. And his fingers wound around your hair. And you grabbed his hip with your hand and you said the word NEED, and you wrapped your thick leg around his skinny leg, and said the word NEED, and then you sank your teeth into his hip and bit so hard you came back with part of him in your mouth. And then you made love. And you fell asleep. And when you woke up you had a red smear on your face where you fell sleep in his blood. But he was gone. (A beat) That was the last you saw of him.

Lascivious Something/Roadkill Confidential/That Pretty Pretty; Or, The Rape Play: Three Plays [Paperback]

Monday, May 9, 2011

Playwright Portrait, Stephen Belber, Excerpt from Fault Lines

The Playwright Stephen Belber, 2008


The reason plates shift, if I understand correctly, is that stress builds up in the rocks. Which is the same for us. Lotta stress out there: “Commitment;” “career choice;” “should we have kids?” “bizarre prostate behavior”---and when the stress gets to a threshold point, two things can happen: We either make an adjustment of some sort and thus ease the stress. Or---we fundamentally crack. What was once one solid land mass……becomes two.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Playwright Portrait, Rachel Hoeffel, Excerpt from Quail

The Playwright Rachel Hoeffel, 2007

Alan: Damsels in distress. They're often wonderful and so gracious. You can't think how they get into such messes. Part lacking judgment when it comes to the character of the men they choose and the rest is just bad luck maybe. Dean likes to represent the damsels because he can smoke a lot around them to show concern. I once had a whole roster of damsels in my practice in Buffalo. And I did a lot of advocacy for dead whores. You can see where that's gotten me.