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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Will, My Nephew and Godson


The Playwrights Lee Blessing and Melanie Marnich, 2008

The Playwrights Lee Blessing and Melanie Marnich,  2008


BLUR by Melanie Marnich
Scene: Apartment. DOT and JOEY. JOEY has a present for her.

DOT: What is it?
JOEY: Open it! Open it! Open it!
(DOT tears into the package and pulls out a beautiful globe. In relief. So she can feel the continents, borders, countries.)
JOEY: It’s in Braille, in relief, so you can feel the places.
(JOEY spins the globe and her fingers travel.)
DOT: Kiss me. I’m through the roof.
Kiss me, I’m crossing the river.
I’m climbing the Empire State.
I’m on the Blue Ridge.
I’m swimming the channel.
I’m crossing the parallel.
I’m over the Great Wall.
(They kiss.)

A Body of Water. by Lee Blessing

AVIS: . . . this morning when I was getting dressed, I thought . . . I
might be up here trying to get you to marry me . . . But then
I found out we were married. And we have all this. For a
moment, anyway . . . And we have a lovely daughter too,
who does so many things for us . . . apparently.
. . . And you know what else I was thinking? I was thinking
that maybe this is what happiness looks like. If we could see
it, I mean. Does that make sense? Perhaps we're simply
caught in . . . a state of happiness. And there's no need to get out.