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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Playwright Portrait, Eric Lane, Excerpt from Heart of the City

The Playwright Eric Lane, 2006


Carlos - a young, sexy, gay immigrant from Spain who finds joy in people and life - speaks to the audience. Carlito is his snake.

I pack my bags and head to New York City. Here I walk down the street, I see so many faces of different color and shape. Religion and idea. And I start to laugh.

All these people run so fast. I run, too. It is only when I stop, I look in his eyes. And this is the heaven Dr. Mendelsohn tells. I see who I am to become – an erotic snake dancer. And you know the best thing…? There is no competition.

(Music begins, underneath.)

I dance on the street corner. Carlito and me. I look out. So many people and their eyes turn away. Afraid to look at the ones standing right next to them. And I think of what it is this city. And I learn. It is not the eyes that turn away. It is the ones that look back.

And so, I will dance for you.

(Music up. Carlos joyfully dances.)

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