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Monday, January 30, 2012

Playwright Portrait, Alena Smith, Excerpt from The Lacy Project

Alena Smith, Playwright 2009

The Lacy Project

Ah, the way that tatting makes your bustle shimmer ... oh would you ever allow me to borrow your dress?

Poor Harriet. I’m afraid such an exchange would be impossible. For our gowns are sewn to our very skin.

Ah, ‘tis true. Such is our lot.

Plus, even if I could get it off, my gear would not flatter you. For you have a fat cloth tummy, whilst I have sensuous plastic curves.

You are indeed quite plastic. You are plastic from your teeth to your toenails. Your very soul is plastic, dearest Olivia.

Oh, yeah? Well, thank you, Harriet. I like totally take that as a compliment.

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