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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Playwright Taylor Mac, 2009

The Playwright Taylor Mac, 2009


"The Lily's Revenge"

song lyric.

The floating down
a flower free
to be
to be

as tears descend, decree
the cheek
but with the weight of all they learn
must cling then fall
and seek to
disperse upon the earth
adjourn from yearning

A flower falls
much faster than a wish
and so my longings lay
are late
and I am left to know my fate
to land
to lose.
This ache, the cost of being what you’re not
and I will die upon the grating frost.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Playwright Portrait, Dan O'Brien, Excerpt from The House in Hydesville

The Playwright Dan O’Brien, 2007
©pswb 2010

The House in Hydesville
It upsets people. They cry. They seem overjoyed by it, somehow. Even though sometimes we
say such upsetting things . . .
And—the less I think about what Spirit will say to me, the more I listen and let the
words come to me, as if through me . . . the more people seem to believe that all I say is true.
And—I’m faking it always, like you said. But sometimes I forget, and I know what I
don’t know. —I say what I can’t possibly be thinking.
The truth is it feels good sometimes: it doesn’t feel like me.