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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Playwright Portrait, Gregg Moss, Excerpt from punkplay

Gregg Moss 2009 copyright peter bellamy 2010

Name of play: punkplay

1. "It's morning in America"
I just want to - you know. It’s hard enough just getting by, without making trouble for
yourself. My dad says.
Yeah. I know.
But. You know.
Some people just can’t help it.
Making Trouble.
Name of play: punkplay
the entirety of american history in the 1980s /
one american boy’s high school career
duck - an unremarkable american boy, 14-18
mickey - an unremarkable american boy, 13-17
actor 1 - marcel - wheelchair bound, french canadian, 25
chris sawtelle - the coolest punk rock guy in a very small town
actor 2 - sue giki - it’s pronounced “geeky”, exceptional
Asian-American teenage girl 14-18
inés - marcel’s girlfriend, french canadian, 13
ronald reagan - a bikini clad lite beer model / the
40th president of the united states
chair, desk, clock - jovial animate furniture (puppets)
pisschrist -a controversial photograph by andres serrano (puppet)

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