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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Playwright Portrait, Desi Moreno-Penson, Excerpt from GHOST LIGHT

Desi Moreno-Penson
2009 copyright Peter Bellamy 2010

(angry outburst) I can be one charming motherfucker when I want, alright?
People like me
They like working with me
They like drinking with me.
Playing poker...they say to my face, “Gee, Brian—you’re such a cool guy,” and then they go to my wife and tell her she’s lucky
LUCKY to have a husband who’s not ‘out there’ doing what every other married man is doing
Looking for other women
Looking for strange.
Just looking to get away with all kinds of shit.

So, you’re a liar.

I have issues with fidelity.

You’re a hypocrite.

(he’s had it) I’M AN ARTIST! And if I said I’d produce one of your fucking plays you’d grab your cell phone so goddamn fast and call your husband so he could come down and watch you SUCK MY COCK.

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