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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playwright Portrait, Sigrid Gilmer, Excerpt from Slavey

Playwright: Sigrid Gilmer, 2008
copyright Peter Bellamy 2010
2008 Ohio Theatre, Clubbed Thumb Festival


DAY 11.


Ted stands.
Nora is seated at the table. She consults a list. There is a small rectangular box in front of her.
Sonny is seated at the counter with his face in a bowl of cereal.
NORA. First we have to put your collar on. Now don't tense up, they are much improved. It looks just like a platinum choker.
See. Kneel down please.
Ted kneels.
Nora, with slow absentminded seduction, puts the collar around Ted’s neck.
NORA. Except this choker gives off 100,000 volts of electric shock, if you stray from the property or it can also be detonated by remote control. Of course Robert and I have one.
Sonny yelps with glee.
NORA. What has mommy said? Not until you're 12.

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