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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Playwright Christin Eve Cato, 2023, WP Theater

 Playwright Christin Eve Cato, 2023, 
WP Theater

Christin Eve Cato

Directed by Rebecca Martínez

Simmering between two Puerto Rican sisters is a family tension that finally comes to a boil. Forced to confront the reality of their father's rapidly declining health, Renata and Caridad clash over cultural divides, unearth old wounds, and reveal long-buried secrets

 Zuleyma Guevara and Shirley Rumierk 
Written by Christin Eve Cato
Directed by Rebecca Martínez
Scenic Design Raul Abrego
Costume Design by Harry Nadal
Lighting Design by María Cristina Fusté
Sound Design by Germán Martínez

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