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Friday, March 11, 2022

Playwright Nadja Leonhard-Hooper, The Collision, stage at 59 East 59, 2022

stage at 59 East 59

 The Collision,
by Nadja Leonhard-Hooper,
director Lily Riopelle
Emma Ramos, Lizzie Fox, Layla Khoshnoudi

GUNCH: And does my soul not live inside my body? What if the bad greens I ate will shit my soul out of my body?GUDRUN: Greens are good for you. But sometimes they make you shit. You cannot shit your soul out of your body. Be at peace.GUNCH: You are sure?GUDRUN: I am.GUNCH: This rings true. To shit is sweet relief. It cannot be damaging to the soul if it feels so good.


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