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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Playwright Amanda Keating, 2022

 The Martyrdom
When I first found this story, this martyrdom, this sort of myth, I thought...other people should hear this.
I thought: I could write this story as a little play. People like plays! And if I write this little play, maybe people will hear it and maybe they'll even like it.
But then I thought: Can I write a play ? That sounds difficult. You see, I am flawed. And not just a little, so it will probably be bad and probably no one will like it or believe in it or do anything with it but drop it in a dustbin for time to erase.
And then I thought: Shut up Hrotsvitha. Write the play. It's only difficult because you believe in it. And maybe it's the difficult things that need us to believe in them most of all.
Also, it would be great to credit the puppet designer as well as some of the other folks involved with the writing of The Martyrdom. Could we include the following attributions when you post ?
New text by Amanda Keating
Translated by Lizzie Fox
Directed by Molly Clifford
Puppet & Props design by Liz Oakley

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