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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Artist Connie Reyes, 1983 x

The Artist Connie Reyes, 1983The Artist Connie Reyes 1983
married to Ronnie Bladen
published in the Brooklyn Rail

There was Connie Reyes A Tribute to Connie Reyes-Corrigan (1929–2006) by Margrit Lewczuk, Bill Jensen,

You showed us that a cat’s life was not so bad.
You said everything you do is about art.
You gave us all the courage and permission to be ourselves.
You could always see the absurdity of this life. 
you taught us the Umbrella Dance.
You made your sculpture move to the Tenor of the Time, Freedom and counterpoint. 
You taught us to laugh in the face of Tragedy.
You showed us that in Big Business a small fly can make a difference. 
You helped us remember the price of a skill saw blade. 
You did not pass us the Torch, you threw it at us.
With You went a great era. We will carry on.

by Margrit Lewczuk Bill Jensen

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