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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sun Portraits from the Shift

Sun Portraits.
From behind the wheel. I pass through the streets. Where I am is arbitrary, my destination is not my determination. I am in a constant state of flux. 
I am looking for the ghost of Atget, through the distortion of the windshield, I see Kandinsky’s lost perfect paintings.
The rising sun hits my face, I take a picture. Feeling the heat on my skin, the blinding of my eyes, I behold the sustainer, redeemer and transformer, I follow from the east to west. Ending the day as the sun descends into the harbor. I go back to the lot and wait for its return.

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6:30 am, Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
9:15 am,  Central Park South
10:12 am,  Brooklyn Bridge,
11:15 am  7th Avenue & 36th Street
Noon, 54 Street & 7th Av.
1 pm,   50th and Broadway
1:30   Lexington Avenue  and 48th Street
2.30 pm   8th Avenue & 45th Street
3:30  7th Avenue & 38th  street
5.30 pm   West Side Highway, Hudson River

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