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Monday, May 28, 2018

Playwright Portrait, Jean Reynolds 2006, Excerpt from Dance With Me, x

The Playwright Jean Reynolds, 2006

Dance With Me
by Jean Reynolds

(Ruth and Grace drink tea)
It was on our honeymoon.
(RAY enters during speech)
Raymond and I were at a small hotel on a point overlooking a lake. One night there was a gathering. A crowded room. I was by a window looking out into the night. I saw the room reflected in the window. A woman watched me. I had seen her on other evenings playing cards. I watched her watching me. I was afraid to turn around, afraid to see, afraid of what she would see. She crossed the room and stood behind me. Our eyes met in the glass, caught. She whispered something. Her breath was warm. It was a foreign country.

What foreign country?
(He waits for an answer)
What foreign country?


What are you up to?

Up to?


Talking. Ah, talking. I envy you. Women know how to talk to each other.

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