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Friday, May 18, 2018

Playwright Abby Rosebrock, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 2018

Playwright Abby Rosebrock 2018
Ensemble Studio Theatre 

by Abby Rosebrock

I would like.
To make a world. 
With no battlefields...
No prisons, or hellscapes... 
Where everyone feels wholesome, and cherished. 
And safe. 
No matter what's happened... 
Our minds are on love... 
And nobody's trash. 

No exceptions.

Director: Mikhaela Mahony
featuring Curran Connor*, Dalia Davi, Layla Khosh, Dawn McGee*, & Abby Rosebrock
Scenic Designer: Angelica Borrero  |  Costume Designer: Audrey Nauman  |   Lighting Designer: Christina Watanabe  |  Sound Designer: Almeda Beynon  |  Stage Manager: Rachel Winfield  |  Assistant Stage Manager: Patricia L. Grabb    |  Assistant Director: Harrison Densmore

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