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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Playwright Susan Soon He Stanton, Page 73, at The New Ohio Theater, 2018

Playwright Susan Soon He Stanton, Page 73, 
at the New Ohio Theater, 2018  

Today Is My Birthday
By Susan Soon He Stanton
Directed By Kip Fagen
Produced By Page 73

Jonathan Brooks, Ugo Chukwu, Ron Domingo, Jennifer Ikeda, Emily Kuroda and Nadine Malouf

Dane Laffrey (Set Design)
Jessica Pabst (Costume Design)
Jen Schriever (Lighting Design)
Palmer Hefferan (Sound Design/Live Foley Artist)
Alison Mantilla (Prop Design)
Kara Kaufman (Prod. Stage Manager)
Justin Myhre (Asst. Stage Manager)
Intuitive Prod. Mgmt. (Production Management)
Carly D. Shiner (Asst. Lighting)
Nok Kanchanabanca (Asst. Sound)
Sinan Zafar (Asst. Sound)
Liz Frino (Asst. Props)
Caterina Nonis (Asst. Director)
Maya Eilam (Graphic Design)

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