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Friday, January 19, 2018

Brooklyn Back in the Day, Exhibition

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Back in the Day, Exhibition Spring Natural, 98 Kenmare Street, NYC
Carrolll Gardens 1976,
Vintage Print 8.4"x10.6"
East New York, 1976
Vintage Print 8.3"x10.5"
Carroll Gardens 1976
Greenpoint, 1976
Vintage Print 9.6"x12.1"
St George, S.I.
Vintage Print 10.8"x8.4"
Cypress Hills, 1976
Vintage Print 8.3"x10.8"
Canarsie, 1976
Vintage Print 8.3"x11"
Gowanus, 1976
Brighton Beach, 1976
Vintage print 8.7"x11.2"
Vintage Print 11.3"x8.4"
Gravesend, 1976
print toned 2006 11.6"x8.4"
Greenpoint 1976
2006 toned 11.6"x11.4"
Greenpoint 1976
2006 toned 11.6"x8.4"
Cypress Hills,1976
Vintage 8.2"x10.7"
Vintage 8.4"x11.6"
Carroll Gardens, 1976
toned print 2006 8.4"x11.6"
Vintage 8.4"x10.7"
Bushwick, 1976
Vintage print 8.3"x10.5"
Greenpoint, 1976
Vintage Print 8.1"x10.7"
Carroll Gardens, 1976
Vintage print 10.6"x8.3"

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