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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Playwright Portrait, Craig Lucas, Excerpt from Prayer For My Enemy

The Playwright Craig Lucas 2009
copyright Peter Bellamy 2010

from Prayer For My Enemy:

Billy. (unfolds a piece of paper) This was in Dad’s—we found this in his things. He would write these out; I walked in on him once by mistake and saw him on his knees, head bowed, reading from a slip of paper. This is … (reads) “God. Love, guide and protect those who would seem to harm me … To the Iraqi – citizen, soldier and insurgent – grant peace of mind, long life, prosperity; anything and everything I would wish for myself, give to him. Or her. A sense of purpose, of fit. May he wake up to life’s bounty and know he does your bidding. Give him passion, delight, worthy challenges, wisdom and surprise. May he never come to make or inhabit a land so indecent as the one that lives in me. May he bask … ” You know he had his thesaurus for that. “May he bask in your perfection and be complete in all ways, to your design. Amen.”

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