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Friday, February 3, 2023

Playwright Victor I. Cazares, "American (Tele)visions" on stage at NYTW, 2022

Playwright Victor I. Cazares
New York Theater Workshop 2022
by Victor I. Cazares

Directed by Rubén Polendo
A co-production with Theater Mitu



Raúl Castillo- OCTAVIO

Ryan J. Haddad-JEREMY

Elia Monte-Brown-MARIA XIMENA

Bianca "b" Norwood- ERICA

Scenic & Costume Design Bretta Gerecke
Specialty Costumes Mondo Guerra
Lighting Design Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
Technology Design Theater Mitu (Kelly Colburn, Alex Hawthorn, Justin Nestor)
Casting Caparelliotis Casting (David Caparelliotis/Joseph Gery)
Fight Director J. David Brimmer
Intimacy Director Andy Arden-Reese

A long, long time ago—the ‘90s—in a Walmart far, far away, Erica, our Hero of Ages Lost, pushes her shopping cart—that most sacred ancient vessel of capitalism—through the aisles of a memory play. american (tele)visions is an explosive collision between the American Dream and the American Nightmare—the story of an undocumented Mexican family.

NYTW Tow Playwright-in-Residence Victor I. Cazares 

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