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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Playwright Portrait, Sarah Ruhl, Excerpt from Eurydice x

The Playwright Sarah Ruhl, 2007
copyright Peter Bellamy


She puts the letter on the ground.
She dips herself in the River.
A small metallic sound of forgetfulness—ping.
The sound of water.
She lies down next to her father, as though asleep.
The sound of an elavator—ding.
Orpheus appears in the elevator.
He sees Eurydice.
He is happy.
The elevator starts raining on Orpheus. He forgets.
He steps out of the elevator.
He sees the letter on the ground.
He picks it up.
He scrutinizes it.
He can’t read it.
He stands on it.
He closes his eyes.
The sound of water. 
Then silence.

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