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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Early Playwright Portrait, Ryan Holsopple at Saint Mark's Church Incubator Series, 2006

Ryan Holsopple as Robert Bloch in 31Down's METRONOMA written and directed by Ryan Holsopple, 2006
Richard Forman's Incubator series summer 2006
copyright Peter Bellamy 2010
"I knew the time had come for me to go to that hideous house of death…I knew that I was going to meet Lovecraft for the first time…I was prepared to do what he told me to do, his orders on the page became clear to me…And I was ready for the first and last encounter with my one idol…So I left my hotel for good, and made my way through the quiet, peaceful streets of Arkham, Mass, but I wasn’t alone…the light footsteps of a young child seemed to follow me where ever I went…"

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