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Friday, December 1, 2017

The Playwright Amy Herzog, New York Theatre Workshop, 2017

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The Playwright Amy Herzog, New York Theatre Workshop, 2017
Mary Jane
By Amy Herzog
Director Anne Kaufman
Scenic Design Laura Jellinek 
cast: Carrie Coon, LIZA COLĂ“N-ZAYAS, Danaya Esperanza, Susan Pourfar, Brenda Wehle 

 from Mary Jane:

MARY JANE: It’s still raining out there, huh?

TENKEI: Yes. They’re predicting more floods.

MARY JANE : I have a friend…I’m worried about her garden. (brief pause) Oh, no, that’s right. That’s right. She lives on a hill. (she’s briefly comforted by that) My memory…


MARY JANE: I keep getting disoriented. They’ve moved Alex’s room a few times. This morning I came out of the bathroom and went to the wrong bed. But not a bed he had been in before. I took a wrong turn, then I went to the right spot in the wrong room. There was a teenager there. A nurse was rubbing him down with lotion. He was staring at the ceiling. I wasn’t sure what my mistake was for a moment. Was it the right bed but the wrong child? The right child, the wrong…time zone?

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