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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Playwright Max Posner at The New Ohio Theater, 2016

Playwright Max Posner at The New Ohio Theater,  2016

by Max Posner
Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll
produced by Page73

(TARA and TIMOTHY are sister in brother. It’s 2040)

Anyhoo. If you feel like Eloise needs an Aunt in her life, if she needs to talk about having a Woo or Anything Female

Why would she need to talk about that?
We’ve got it covered, Judy and I

No Reason Just
I’m sure Judy can handle it

We got her like a Hundred PDF’s on that stuff. 
Like a Billion PDF’s.

Well if she wants to be around New People, Thursdays – 

We Will Not Be Joining Your Fucking Cult.

You know that word is no longer very interesting or meaningful. You know the rest of us have stopped using it.

Yeah I know, Okay
No one says it anymore. But guess what? 
I do
I always will, my children will, their children will. 
We will be the ones who say Fuck. Long after anyone knows what it means. 
Soon it will be another word for rock. Another word for tooth. 
Another word for for for Sorry.
And we will walk on the fucks through the woods! 
We will skip fucks in the river! 
We will get braces to straighten our fucks! 
We will feel fuck about it, it will be fucky. 

No one says it anymore but we will, okay? 

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  1. Hi Peter, Just looking at your work and enjoying it.
    Wanted to thank you for your confidence in my photography way back at Choate. Took me some time to get going but have been full time now these last 20 years.
    Hope you are happy and well.
    Best, Mark