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Friday, September 19, 2014

Portrait of Playwright/Actor Jesse Eisenberg, at The Cherry Lane Theater, 2010

   Playwright Jesse Eisenberg, at The Cherry Lane Theater, 2010

Peter Sumner Walton Bellamy©2014
Photograph taken with Hasselblad film camera.
Film hand-developed by photographer


written by Jesse Eisenberg

                                 directed by Kip Fagan at the Cherry Lane Theatre (Produced by the Rattlestick)           

FEATURING: Remy Auberjonois, Justin Bartha, Jesse Eisenberg, Camille Mana
CREATIVE: John McDermott (Set Design) ; Jessica Pabst(Costume Design) ; Ben Stanton (Lighting Design) ; Bart Fasbender (Sound Design) ; Andrew Diaz (Props Design) ;Melissa Mae Gregus (Stage Manager) ; Thomas Schall(Fight Direction) ; Eugenia Furneaux (Production Manager) ;Michael Denis (Assistant Stage Manager) ; Katie Takacs(Technical Director)

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