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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Playwright Portrait, Glen Berger, Excerpt from Underneath the Lintel

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The Playwright Glen Berger, 2006
Woodstock NY

  Underneath the Lintel

The Librarian:

You don’t have to believe me...Say I made it all up… “He made it all up,”  I don’t care anymore…. I’m tired..Yes, I’m tired…but I’m not stopping my pursuit Why?  Because I don’t think  Mr. A Period has stopped, no, not given in, No, and never will.  And if one day He Above tells our man, at last, that he may lie down...he’ll sit.  “Sit then”, he’ll stand. “Stand then”, he’ll walk.  “Walk then,” he’ll dance.  On principal.  No, no repentance, no—for in the greatest act of defiance known to humankind, our man will find a way, this I know, mark my words, to behold this hash of a creation, to take this muck and holy mess of a life, and winnow out and revel in every bit of beauty and worth that’s in it so long as he’s in it, so there.  And so.  We Shall Proceed.   

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