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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playwright Portrait, Nilaja Sun, Excerpt from No Child...

The Playwright Nilaja Sun, 2007


No Child...

MS.SUN. Hi. I’m Ms. Sun. Take your seats now. And as of today and for the next six weeks, when I’m in this classroom, you will not be using the word faggot or bitch or nigga or motherfucker or motherfuckerniggabitchfaggot. Anymore, Dominicans shall not be called and will not call each other dumb in a cans or platanos.
COCA. Ah, y pero quien e heta? Esa prieta?
MS. SUN. La prieta soy yo, senorita (Coca is speechless)
BRIAN. Shrimp fwy why? Shrimp fwy why! (no one else laughs)
MS. SUN. We will respect our teacher’s ethnicity.
BRIAN. Shrimp fwy why??? (no one else laughs.)
MS. SUN. Ladies will not call each other heifers or hos.
SHONKRIKA. Shoot! That whay I’m talkin’ about.
MS. SUN. We will start class on time. We will eat our breakfast beforehand. And from now on we are nothing but thespians.
XIOMORA. Lesbians? I ain’t no Rosie O’Donnell.
MS SUN. No no! Thespian! It means actor, citizen, lover of all things great.
XIOMARA. I love that hard cash bling-bling.
MS. SUN. Say it with me class, thespian.
XIOMARA (Bored) Thespian.

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