Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playwright Portrait, Daniel Reitz, Excerpt, Perfect Evening

Playwright Daniel Reitz 2007
copyright Peter Bellamy 2010

Then one night, he called me into his office. He and a hustler took turns fucking me, and when they were done he sent the kid home in a company car and had me sign a prepared resignation letter. I was getting in the way at work – he’d be sitting through a partners’ meeting and looking through the plate glass, and fantasize putting me through it.
Normal life does intrude every now and then. I asked him not to hit my face for a while, at least not until I’m back from seeing my mother in Connecticut. He made me beg him not to, but the truth is, I think he’s getting tired. It takes a lot out of him. Lately he’s been farming me out. Last Saturday night he made me blow a homeless guy in the Jersey Path station.
I mean, he says he won’t rest until I’m on life support, but … fundamentally, though? He’s a very … you’ll laugh. Humane person. Civilized.
-- From Perfect Evening
by Daniel Reitz

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