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Playwright Portrait, Will Eno, Excerpt from Thom Pain x

The playwright Will Eno 2006

Excerpt from
THOM PAIN (based on nothing)
by Will Eno

What a mysterious scene. And somewhere in the same night another youth bleeds between her legs, staring out a window, wondering whom to tell, wondering what to tell them. What a mystery. The onset of the breeding years. Growth. The cancers are almost all in place. Nature laughs last, ladies and gentlemen, laughs hardest and best and last, deep into the night, at you. But, think of it all. What a paradise, as I have said. What a surprise to have a body.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Playwright Ian W. Hill, at the Brick Theater, Brooklyn, 2017 x

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Playwright Ian W. Hill, at the Brick Theater, Brooklyn,  2017

created by Gemini CollisionWorks
written, designed, and directed by Ian W. Hill
assisted by Berit Johnson
costumes by Holly Pocket McCaffrey

with John Amir*, Rolls Andre, David Arthur Bachrach*, Olivia Baseman*, Philip Cruise*, Ivanna Cullinan*, Linus Gelber, Amanda LaPergola, Leila Okafor, Alyssa Simon*, Anna Stefanic*, and Zuri Washington*part of Gemini CollisionWorks’ 20th Anniversary Season 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Elliott's Complement


Very interesting. You are the TS Elliot of Gotham City.

Best wishes,

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sun Portraits from the Shift

Sun Portraits.
From behind the wheel. I pass through the streets. Where I am is arbitrary, my destination is not my determination. I am in a constant state of flux. 
I am looking for the ghost of Atget, through the distortion of the windshield, I see Kandinsky’s lost perfect paintings.
The rising sun hits my face, I take a picture. Feeling the heat on my skin, the blinding of my eyes, I behold the sustainer, redeemer and transformer, I follow from the east to west. Ending the day as the sun descends into the harbor. I go back to the lot and wait for its return.

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6:30 am, Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
9:15 am,  Central Park South
10:12 am,  Brooklyn Bridge,
11:15 am  7th Avenue & 36th Street
Noon, 54 Street & 7th Av.
1 pm,   50th and Broadway
1:30   Lexington Avenue  and 48th Street
2.30 pm   8th Avenue & 45th Street
3:30  7th Avenue & 38th  street
5.30 pm   West Side Highway, Hudson River

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Last Photo of Andy Warhol Alive x

Andy Warhol, 1987

copyright PeterBellamy 2010

I was walking down Central Park West when I saw Andy Warhol being visited by the angel of death.  She opened the door and got into the limo and they drove off and the next day I read that he died.

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The Red Stairs,Location Shot for Playwright Portrait Juillard, 2018

The Red Stairs,
Location Shot for Playwright Portrait

Selected Playwrights, who were students of Paula Vogel and, or, affiliated with Second Stage

Selected Playwrights, who were students of Paula Vogel and, or, affiliated with Second Stage

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Paula Vogel at Second Stage
 Rajiv Joseph at Second Stage
 Jordan Harrison at Playwright's Horizon
 Adam Boch, Hells Kitchen
 Will Eno, Greenpoint
 Gregg Moss  at the Ohio Theater
Gina Gionfriddo at Second Stage
 Sarah Ruhl, Stuyvesant Town
Christopher Shinn at the New School

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Selected Playwrights from The Playwright Portrait Project. 2009-2018

Selected Playwrights from The  Playwright Portrait Project. 2009-2018
Aleshea Harris
Jackie Sibblies Drury
 Jesse Eisenberg
 Katori Hall
 David Greenspan
 Dael Orlandersmith
 Angela Hanks
 Amiri Baraka
 Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
 Craig Lucas
Daniel Alexander Jones
 Stephan Adly Guirgis
 Jen Silverman

Tarell Alvin McCraney

Selected Playwrights from The  Playwright Portrait Project. 2009-2018