Friday, January 19, 2018

Brooklyn Back in the Day, Exhibition

Back in the Day, Exhibition Spring Natural, 98 Kenmare Street, NYC
Carrolll Gardens 1976,
Vintage Print 8.4"x10.6"
East New York, 1976
Vintage Print 8.3"x10.5"
Carroll Gardens 1976
Greenpoint, 1976
Vintage Print 9.6"x12.1"
St George, S.I.
Vintage Print 10.8"x8.4"
Cypress Hills, 1976
Vintage Print 8.3"x10.8"
Canarsie, 1976
Vintage Print 8.3"x11"
Gowanus, 1976
Brighton Beach, 1976
Vintage print 8.7"x11.2"
Vintage Print 11.3"x8.4"
Gravesend, 1976
print toned 2006 11.6"x8.4"
Greenpoint 1976
2006 toned 11.6"x11.4"
Greenpoint 1976
2006 toned 11.6"x8.4"
Cypress Hills,1976
Vintage 8.2"x10.7"
Vintage 8.4"x11.6"
Carroll Gardens, 1976
toned print 2006 8.4"x11.6"
Vintage 8.4"x10.7"
Bushwick, 1976
Vintage print 8.3"x10.5"
Greenpoint, 1976
Vintage Print 8.1"x10.7"
Carroll Gardens, 1976
Vintage print 10.6"x8.3"

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Exhibition of Portraits from Brooklyn in the 1970's

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Vintage Prints on display
Brooklyn, Back in the Day
Spring Natural
98 Kenmare Street, NY 10012
11am-11pm, mon-sun
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Playwright Portrait, Thomas Bradshaw, 2010

Playwright Portrait, Thomas Bradshaw, Excerpt from Cleansed,


Excerpt from Cleansed

Grandmother: Yes. Your mother should never have married that nigger. It’s been nothing but problems since she met him. When you were a child she came crying to me about the fact that kids were making fun of you. What did she expect? Everyone could see that coming a mile away. But what really upset me was the fact that she had the nerve to blame it on your classmates and their families! She called them ignorant and racist! I have lived in this town for forty-six years and I can assure you that the people in this community are neither ignorant or racist! They’re just good Christians. And all good Christians know that the mixing of races is a sin. Your mother and father are the ignorant ones.
Lauraul: Do you think that I’m a sin?
Grandmother: Goes and Hugs Lauraul
Oh no honey. Your parent’s sins are not your fault. I’m just sorry that they didn’t consider your feelings before they had you. It’s not fair that you’ve been treated this way all these years. And it makes me love you even more to know that you’re rejecting the culture and the blood that your father infected you with.
Lauraul: Thank you Grandma. I’m so glad that someone understands.
Grandmother: But you know that you must fight hard everyday to resist your tainted blood. It’s very powerful, and can sneak up on you when you least expect it. So I’m giving you something to help you to resist it.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Playwright Portrait, Rinne Groff, Excerpt from Orange Lemon Egg Canary, 2008 ...

Playwright Portrait, Rinne Groff, Excerpt from Orange Lemon Egg Canary, 2008

Orange Lemon Egg Canary

the prologue.

"Everybody loves magic. Everybody loves to be fooled, tricked. Everybody loves to be caught with their pants down. Everybody loves to be cheated and misled. Everybody loves it when someone lies to them. Especially when they watch that certain someone very closely and they’re trying to catch him in his lie, but he’s quick with the sleight of hand, too quick; and a girl is left feeling both stupid and angry, and third of all, empty. People love that."

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Nine Recent Portraits, Playwright Portrait Project, 2018

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Plawright Diana Oh
 Playwright and Composer Heather Christian
Playwright Amy Herzog
 Playwright Ian W. Hill
 Playwright Susan Soon He Stanton, Page 73 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Playwright Susan Soon He Stanton, Page 73, at The New Ohio Theater, 2018

Playwright Susan Soon He Stanton, Page 73, 
at the New Ohio Theater, 2018  

Today Is My Birthday
By Susan Soon He Stanton
Directed By Kip Fagen
Produced By Page 73

Jonathan Brooks, Ugo Chukwu, Ron Domingo, Jennifer Ikeda, Emily Kuroda and Nadine Malouf

Dane Laffrey (Set Design)
Jessica Pabst (Costume Design)
Jen Schriever (Lighting Design)
Palmer Hefferan (Sound Design/Live Foley Artist)
Alison Mantilla (Prop Design)
Kara Kaufman (Prod. Stage Manager)
Justin Myhre (Asst. Stage Manager)
Intuitive Prod. Mgmt. (Production Management)
Carly D. Shiner (Asst. Lighting)
Nok Kanchanabanca (Asst. Sound)
Sinan Zafar (Asst. Sound)
Liz Frino (Asst. Props)
Caterina Nonis (Asst. Director)
Maya Eilam (Graphic Design)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018